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Face to Facebook
Third piece of the 'The Hacking Monopolism Trilogy'

Stealing 1 million Facebook profiles, filtering them with face-recognition software and then posting them on a custom-made dating website, sorted by their facial expression characteristics. Our mission was to give all these virtual identities a new shared place to expose themselves freely, breaking Facebook's constraints and boring social rules. So we established a new website (lovely-faces.com) giving them justice and granting them the possibility of soon being face to face with anybody who is attracted by their facial expression and related data.
Authors: Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico.

- PDF. Press Release, 10.Feb.2011
- PDF. Press Release, 2.Feb.2011
- Press coverage 1000 reviews
- Pictures installation in HD [zip]
- Diagram of the hack, HD version
- Datasheet database content

- Face-to-Facebook.net

- Selected exhibitions installation pictures:
   Public Private The New School NYC, Artists as Catalysts Alhóndiga Bilbao, Ars Electronica Linz,
, Transmediale Berlin, ENTER5 Prague, Share Turin,
   Impakt Utrecht, Tetem Enschede, File São Paulo, Data cuerpos Lima.

Mixed media installation at Artists as Catalysts, 2013 exhibition at Alhóndiga, Bilbao - Spain

Mixed media installation at Public Private exhibition 2013 at Kellen Gallery of The New School, New York - U.S.

Mixed media installation at Ars Electronica Festival Origin, 2011, Linz - Austria

Mixed media installation REALITYFLOWHACKED, at Aksioma | Project Space, Ljubljana - Slovenia

Mixed media installation at Response:Ability, Transmediale 2011, Berlin - Germany

Mixed media installation at ENTER5 festival 2011, Prague - Czech Republic

Mixed media installation at Share Festival Cops & Robs, 2011, Turin - Italy

Mixed media installation at Impakt Festival, 2011, Utrecht - Holland

Mixed media installation at Chilling Effects, Tetem, Enschede - Netherlands

Mixed media installation at Data cuerpos y retratos compartidos at De Centro Fundación Telefónica, Lima - Peru

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